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About Heron Campers

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Heron Campers Ltd was formed in 2016 and sits under the company name: Tourism and Travel Holdings Ltd. Tourism and Travel Holdings Ltd has three motorhome brands: Heron Campers, Euro Campers and Budgy Campers.  Specifically, each brand talks to different types of travellers.

Our Motorhomes

These LDV and Mercedes models leave nothing upturned.  Preparation of the vehicle to become customer ready is a story on its own.  From manufacturing through to sales and customer service every aspect is custom designed and meets a set of industry standards before it goes on the road.

Established in 2016, Heron Campers is a small Motorhome business that provides top of the range, practical Motorhome rentals.  There are 3 motorhome types:  The 2016 LDV Heron 4, the 2016 Mercedes Sprinter Heron Trio and the 2016 LDV Heron Twin.

Heron customers enjoy an apartment style camper.  All Certified Self-Contained, offer their own special features, including a built in kitchen, shower and toilet and heating system.  This fleet caters for families and couples from two to four people, who are after that first class self-drive holiday around New Zealand.

The Heron range is available for pickup in Auckland and Christchurch in New Zealand. Motorhomes can travel country-wide.

Our Team

Heron Campers is owned and operated by Volkmar and Heike Wollenweber who immigrated from Germany to New Zealand in 2002.  With a love for the country and a passion for sharing stories of New Zealand’s landscapes and hidden hot spots they saw an opportunity to turn their dream of running a motorhome company into reality. They have a team of 25 enthusiastic people who come from all over the world, speaking 5 languages. All are experienced travellers and skilled at their area of the business.  This group is passionate about delivering quality products and services and will most definitely go the extra mile in making sure you have the best Heron Campers self-drive holiday.