Media Kit

Media Kit

Stay intouch with your friends and family

Heron Campers is the only rental company in New Zealand to offer a complimentary and well equipped carefree package.

We provide you with a great media kit to ensure you stay safe and able stay intouch with your family and friends while holiday in New Zealand.

PC6235 Skoot Tablet Wi-Fi WEB (004)Skoot
GPS Navigation and WiFi Hotspot Unit: Your own personal travel guide. Core Features include:

Navigation: Get from A to B with the intuitive road maps that allows you to find the best route to your destination.
WiFi Hotspot: Buy a data package and stay connected using the WiFi hotspot.
Audio Tour Guide: Preloaded with an audio tour guide that gives interesting facts and information as you travel between destinations.
Deals: Explore and save time with the best bargins and offers exclusive to Skoot.
Activities and Attractions: Skoot around the best tourist attractions and activities with an in built activity tracker. Watch the SKOOT video
aux-cable-miniAUX Cable

Gives you the opportunity to connect your phone or MP3 player to the stereo system of the car. This way you can enjoy your own music via the cars speakers.
power-inverter-mini12V Charger

With the 12V Charger you can charge your electronic devices. The Charger has two USB connections to plug in your devices.
mobile-miniPhone and NZ SIM Card (device only)

Stay in touch with friends and family or on standby incase you have an emergency.
adapter-miniTravel Adapter

Enables you to charge your electronic devices from Europe in a New Zealand power outlet. The adapter connects the European plug with the power outlet.